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Dramatherapy emphasises the nurturing of personal growth and change in a safe environment. Connected to this is the concept of play and creativity. As adults we have less opportunity to access the spontaneity and imagination we had as children in play. Dramatherapy enables us to get in touch with these old skills. This can help us learn more about the parts of ourselves left unexplored, as well as enabling us to better understand the people and the environment around us. This is both a conscious and unconscious process.

Dramatherapy incorporates the "dramatic" as a means in which to explore and nurture the creativity and immediacy of both the body and mind. Techniques are carefully selected to enable the client to be both creative and imaginative and to get in touch with issues taking place in their lives. These techniques may include: Character Work, Storymaking, Image Use, Movement, Games, Improvisation, Role Play and Object Work. 

Following on from this, the "therapeutic" aspect of dramatherapy supports the psychological needs of a client allowing them to be identified and worked through in a safe and supportive environment and in a non-directive manner. 

The primary focus of dramatherapy is what a client brings to each and every session.